Quality of good librarian

I recently put a call out to a number of librarians asking what, for them, makes a good librarian. Ability to quickly and professionally search databases, internet resources, and catalogs to find needed information. Library Journal, 1, It involves repetitiveness of scanning or typing and sitting and reading a computer screen for extended periods.

Practice reading aloud and speaking to large groups, learn to be comfortable acting silly and above all, have fun. Adaptability The library world is changing more rapidly than ever, especially in terms of technology and workflow.

Reference evolution under the influence of new technologies. A cataloging librarian needs to be cognizant of increasing efficiency while cataloging as well as of the factors that can affect the achievement of these goals. Good luck on your cataloging librarian position. Also keep in mind food and drink service if required, and the packaging, spills and clean up.

Learned Information Europe Ltd,pp.

What skills do you need to be a librarian

Indeed, the provision of social and collaborative spaces in which users can interact with each other is an important trend.

These traits will not only help with you with you daily tasks, they will also enhance your career overall. The answers to these questions are helpful in learning and mastering the cataloging module. PS — I'm always willing to review resumes and cover letters and to talk to new librarians looking for advice.

At times you will have to repeat yourself to those who are not as quick to learn so not only being able to get your information across you also need to have patience as well. Other times you will need to work with the public or with researchers as they work on projects. RFID technology is increasingly common and the use of mechanical sorting devices; card-entry systems and smart cards also affect the overall design.

There should be tables available to spread materials out on if study is required, as well as smaller coffee or end tables if someone is there to just sit and read.

What skills do you need to be a librarian

These issues are not always easily dealt with and require good judgment. Information and research is increasingly cross categorized and interdisciplinary.


It should achieve a balance between the needs of the teaching, learning and research communities. A love of books is not a pre-requisite or even necessarily desirable for work in libraries: There will be times where you will need to think quickly to find a solution to a problem.

Sorry for going on so long, but I hope this helps. Inaccuracies from typos and other mistakes in the bibliographic or item records create extra work for the staff to fix them. He or she should be willing to find answers to a question about cataloging or to find a solution to a problem.

While librarians have always worked in concert with their colleagues, at the very least within their own libraries, technological developments allow for a wider scope of collaboration.

The main thing you need to have is experience though the type of experience can vary. Jun 19,  · What are the characteristics of a good library? but you should have at least one librarian who can keep the books organized and is able to help people who want to check out books.

What are the Salient Features of a Good Library?

Also, it might be good to have Internet access at your library so people can research and the library must be organized and have a card catalog. There Status: Resolved. A cataloging librarian needs to have a good understanding of the documented local procedures, policies, and practices in cataloging to provide consistency throughout the collection and for future use.

A library in short which makes just enough provision that can be placed before its guests for their declaration with a librarian who has the qualities of a host, not a storekeeper.

Planning School Library: This may be under. Aug 30,  · There are five main qualities which are essential to being a good reference librarian.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Librarian?

1. The most important quality, which is also the most nebulous, is social in nature. So, I'd love to know what you guys believe are the best skills and personal qualities you should have as a librarian. What are the best and worse parts of the job and what other job options you can have with a Masters in Library Science besides working in libraries.

Personal Qualities

There are also numerous core competencies that make up the knowledge base of a good librarian. These are usually taught within classes that lead to library science degrees. In all cases, understanding the core competencies of librarian ship is a good first step towards success in the field.

Quality of good librarian
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